Academies are schools funded by the government with the freedom to govern independently – but all are accountable to the Secretary of State for Education. To share resources and best practice, many are part of multi-academy trusts – a network of schools under one legal body.

Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy is part of Ark - a leading education charity and one of the country’s top-performing academy operators. Ark is non-denominational and does not make any profit from running its schools.

Ark’s relationship with the Secretary of State is set out in the master funding agreement. There are also supplemental funding agreements for each individual school in the network, including Ark Chamberlain.

Every school in the Ark network is the legal responsibility of the Ark Schools Board. This board focuses on statutory duties and delegates most day-to-day responsibilities to each school’s individual Local Governing Body (LGB). This means that, unlike in most non-academy governing bodies, Ark Chamberlain's governors are able to concentrate on the things that really matter – educational strategy, school outcomes and aspiration.

PDF iconAmendment and Restatement Agreement

PDF iconArk Chamberlain Supplemental Funding Agreement


Our Local Governing Body

Ark Chamberlain's LGB is made up as follows:

  • Six to 10 members appointed by Ark, to include the Chair - usually people with a local connection or interest who are committed to supporting educational opportunity in the area.
  • Ark Chamberlain Executive Headteacher
  • Ark Chamberlain Head of School
  • One parent governor
  • One teaching staff governor
  • One non-teaching staff governor
  • One local local authority representative from Birmingham

Ark aims to create a balanced group that will have the right skills, connections and dynamic for the LGB to work well and support the school in achieving exceptional performance:

  • Good insight into the specific challenges at the school and the general challenges of operating top-quality schools
  • Excellent community links
  • Specific skills as needed by/relevant to the school
  • A link to the senior executive team of Ark

The LGB meets six times a year.

Contacting the Governors

The Clerk to Governors is Becky Perkes ( ). Governors can be contacted through the clerk.

If you would like to see the Ark Chamberlain Supplemental Funding Agreement, or if you are interested in becoming a governor, please visit If you have any governance-related queries, please contact

For information on the Ark Schools board please visit our Trustees page.


Current Governors


Gail Peyton - Executive Headteacher

Victoria Twort -  Head of School

Patrick Horner – Interim Chair and SEND link

I had been employed as a teacher at Ark Kings Academy since it opened in 2012 and have served in a number of leadership roles: academic, pastoral and operational since that time. In 2016 I moved to Ark Boulton to join their Senior Leadership Team. I passionately believe all children can do well and the quality of teaching and educational experience of young people is incredibly important. Every student, every day, has a key entitlement to experience excellent lessons in a nurturing and inspirational setting which ensures they are safe, supported and able to develop fully.

Nasser Mockbill - Safeguarding Link Governor

Education is the first liberator from poverty and ignorance – and in order to compete in the world’s economy, Britain’s young generations must be provided with a first class education.  I came to Britain as a 13 year old - old enough to have retained my language and culture and young enough to acquire the British language, culture and way of life.  I worked in industry in a supervisory role for 20 years and studied part time – I am a strong believer in life-long learning.  In 2001 gained employment with St Alban’s school as a bilingual teacher assistant, while teaching ESOL (part time) in the community for East Birmingham College. In 2003 I began working with Birmingham Advisory and Support Services as a learning mentor for Refugees and Asylum seekers before going back to St Alban’s Academy as senior learning mentor in 2010 where I am now the Community Liaison Coordinator.

Imani Clough

I have lived in Birmingham for many years and have always been an active member of my community. I have extensive experience in pastoral care of children and young people. I have volunteered as a youth worker, nationally and internationally, worked as a Mentor with charities, Primary and Secondary schools and latterly, Children's Services. I also have my own community organisation, focusing on female empowerment for girls and young women. The opportunity to continue my interest in Education, in a new sector, is a great privilege. It is very rewarding to belong to the governing body, responding to the responsibilities and challenges involved, working in partnership with so many people, to ensure that the pupils have a happy and secure environment in which to develop and achieve their potential.

Dave Allen - Ark Link

Dave is the Head of Estates and Procurement Management at Ark, and provides a link between the LGB and the Senior Executive Team at Ark.

Harjinder Dogra - Finance link

I am a qualified certified accountant and corporation tax specialist and am a member of ACCA and CIOT. I have over twenty five years experience in the accountancy profession gained within Big 4 and Top Ten tier firms. Currently I am employed as Senior Tax Manager in the corporation tax department of a Top 10 firm. I have been involved in coaching and developing graduates throughout my career.
I volunteered to become a school governor to participate in making a positive impact on children by giving guidance and encouragement.

Fred Mitting - Teaching Staff Governor

Fred is a class teacher at the school and Head of Year 6

  Term Dates Governor Category  Relevant declarations of interest Attendance at meetings
Judith Petterson 31/08/2015 Chair of Governors None

2 out of 2

Wendy Baxter              

(previous Principal)

31/08/2015 Principal
  1. Participant (2010), Future Leaders
  2. Facilitator (paid), Teaching Leaders

2 out of 2

Andrew Cooley 31/08/2015 Ark Nominated
  1. Visiting lecturer, Birmingham City University
  2. Former employee of Ark St Alban’s Academy
  3. Governor, Ark Tindal Primary Academy

2 out of 2

Nasser Mockbill 31/08/2015 Ark Nominated
  1. Community Liaison Co-ordinator, Ark St Alban’s Academy

2 out of 2

Shareen Ellahi 31/08/2015 Ark Nominated
  1. Teacher, Lyng Primary School
  2. Trustee, Ellahi Charitable Foundation
  3. Trustee, Mac Bevan Charitable Trust
  4. Sibling of a governor at another Ark school

1 out of 2

Raffat Mughal 31/08/2015 Ark Nominated
  1. Member, the Labour Party
  2. Member, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

1 out of 2

Leila Tipping 31/08/2015 Ark Link
  1. Employed by Ark Schools

2 out of 2

All appointments are made by the Governance Manager for Ark Schools.  The term of a governor is three years, except for the Principal, who remains a governor for the duration of her time in post.