Head of School's Welcome

A very warm welcome to Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy and I am delighted to be the Head of School. Let me introduce you straight away to the academy's vision and values as follows:

We believe in the potential of every child at Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy. We will ensure that all children are supported and nurtured in order to develop their aspirations to be positive contributors to a global society and leaders of tomorrow. To do this we will start the journey towards a university degree and or a career of their choice, and encourage children to explore a wide range of future careers. We will ensure that the pursuit of excellence is promoted and offer a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

For our pupils we sum this up in the simple saying that we repeat frequently in the academy - "We respect, believe, achieve".

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Getting our pupils ready for university or a career of their choice is not an easy option and we therefore focus relentlessly on ensuring that your child has a really good grasp of the basics - reading, writing and maths. In addition, we need to ensure that they know how to behave and keep themselves safe in all sorts of situations as well as learning about the wider world and their contribution in it. We teach the fundamental British values of democracy, liberty, respect, tolerance and the rule of law through our PHSCE curriculum as well as reinforcing these in the way we behave and the academy expectations.

As parents, we understand that you have a key role in supporting your child in their learning and we hope that you will support us in helping your child to learn that if they put in enough effort they can achieve their dreams.

Everybody who visits Ark Chamberlain comments on the friendly, happy environment - from the welcome at reception, to the smiling faces and inquisitive questions from our pupils in the classrooms. I would be delighted to welcome you to our school for a visit so that you can experience this for yourself.

Mrs V. Twort

Head of School

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