End of Term

Pupils will finish at 1pm on Tuesday 25th July 2017.


Senior leadership team

Gail Peyton Regional Primary Director
Victoria Twort Head of School
Judith Hunt Finance Director
Ros Taylor Operations Manager
Lucy Wright Vice Principal / Year 6 Class Teacher
Michaela Carney Assistant Principal / Year 6 Class Teacher
Katie Francome Assistant Principal / Year 6 Class Teacher
Sophie Dempsey Assistant Principal

Teaching staff

Jamie Taylor Class Teacher and Head of Year 3  
Lisa Green Class Teacher and Head of Year 4  
Angela Schofield Class Teacher and Head of Year 5  
Anna Brinkworth Class Teacher and Head of Year 6  
Laura Ayling Music Specialist  
Aaron Marks P.E. Specialist  
Declan Coyne Year 3 Class Teacher (S.E.N.C.O.)  
Urmilaben James Year 3 Class Teacher  
Michelle Jonker Year 3 Class Teacher  
Harafa Naseem Year 3 Class Teacher  
Alya Jabeen Year 4 Class Teacher  
Jemima Key Year 4 Class Teacher / Language Specialist  
Nadia Hussain Year 4 Class Teacher  
Duncan Campbell-Cave Year 4 Class Teacher  
Maivish Khan Year 5 Class Teacher  
Raajmeen Nehaar Year 5 Class Teacher  
Sarah Warrington Year 5 Class Teacher  
Rukhsana Bibi Year 5 Class Teacher  
Fred Mitting Year 6 Class Teacher  
Raj Nayyar Year 6 Class Teacher  
Victoria Lavin  Teacher    
Nickesha Holness Teacher  
Angela Richardson Teaching Assistant  
Shanaz Ahmed Teaching Assistant  
Valerie Robinson Teaching Assistant  
Sayma Akhtar Teaching Assistant  
Farzana Kausar Teaching Assistant  
Sajida Amber Teaching Assistant  
Jamila Bi Teaching Assistant  
Abeeda Quereshi Teaching Assistant  
Alice Williams Teaching Assistant  
Zubeeda Rasool Teaching Assistant  
Shefali Begum Teaching Assistant  
Rukhsana Shahin Teaching Assistant  
Zaiba Ashraf Teaching Assistant  
Elaine Wadelin Teaching Assistant  
Rohima Begum Graduate Support Trainee  
Zaiba Chafekar  Graduate Support Trainee  
Matthew Bryan                     Graduate Support Trainee  
Natasha Ashfaq Graduate Support Trainee  
Anisha Rani Graduate Support Trainee  

Operational Staff

Nita Bateman Principal's PA/HR
Kyle Beale Acting Premises Manager
Daljit Hayre Senior Learning Mentor
Mohamad Jamal Learning Mentor
Roy Pinnock Parent Support
Kausar Hussain Parent Support
Deborah Rimmer            Office Manager
Harjit Bellamy Receptionist
Dianne Green Librarian
Kerri Lorton Finance Officer