At Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy we  believe that all pupils should be set regular homework as this establishes good habits for independent learning and this is a skill that needs to be well established by the time a pupil is ready to start degree-level work (ie this is consistent with our vision and values).

In years 3 and 4 homework should be set at least twice a week and in years 5 and 6 at least three times per week. 

Homework does not necessarily have to be something that is written or completion of a worksheet.  It could be to find something out, draw something, explore something, experience something, imagine something or work on Lexia or Maths Whizz.  Above all, it should be something that generally engages the pupils and makes them want to do it. We also encourage our pupils to read as much as possible and certainly for pleasure.  Homework may include reading (indeed teachers may wish to encourage nightly reading) but should not be the only task set as homework.

What is important is that the homework set is meaningful and contributes to the child's learning.