Birmingham City Mission

Birmingham City Mission is a Christian charity established in 1966 committed to helping the needy and marginalised of our city and to sharing the Christian message. The Mission runs many projects throughout the city where there is need, offering friendship and support to the homeless, elderly, young and those struggling with poverty. Birmingham City Mission is a Christian mission but offers its services without test or condition.

On Tuesday 21st November 2017, Ark Chamberlain were privileged to be in the company of Matthew from the Birmingham City Mission team. He has a unique way in which he tells stories from the Bible. He is able to draw on the commonalities of each faith, where on  this occasion it was about the importance of sharing. The children were spell bound as  he cleverly revealed the message in his story by painting in words and pictures during his story telling. He is an amazing story teller and as RE coordinator, I would highly recommend him to any school.