KS2 Sats

If you’re in Year 6 you know the SATs are near and if you’re a person like me, who can’t bring themselves up to do at least one long division question, this is for you. I, the schools personal cheer-up person, will motivate you to study and pass your SATs with flying colours.

Firstly, you need to do things that you love: cycling, swimming and other awesome activities. This ensures a happy and positive mind set which can help you in years to come. Honestly, YOU CAN DO IT! We are all in a positive environment and we can put 100% into anything that we put our minds to. So why don’t you?

Secondly, revision is key. SATs are one of the most important exams of your life so far. The word revision should be engraved in your mind. You can revise anywhere: your bedroom, the shower, your toilet and most importantly at school. School is a place buzzing with times tables and all sorts of education which can help you in the SATs build up.

Furthermore, eating nutritious food can also help as it can give you energy and most of all a happy body. You also need to have a great night’s sleep which will keep you ready for a positive day of happiness and work.

To conclude, I believe that every pupil in Year 6 can pass all you need to do is #STAY IN THE ZONE because once you’re in the zone you’ll never leave.

                                                  #STAY IN THE ZONE

                                                        By Usmaan Year VI