Year III Think Tank Trip

On Tuesday 1st May, the Year III children went to Birmingham's Think Tank. It was the start of finding out about our new topic on Forces! and what an introduction it was!

 First, the children went to see a Forces Show, where they were taught about how forces work. Children were picked to come up and participate in various activities. She also gave us some handy hints how we can use Science to do magic - we won’t give away our secrets as many of the Year III children want to do their 'magic' to their families. After the show, we split off into our class groups to explore all that the Science Museum had to offer. We visited the 'Past Gallery', which had various items made in the past as well as wildlife. We saw fossils and animal skeletons. This linked really well with our current topic of 'Animals including humans'. We also explored the 'We Made It' gallery, where we saw how different items were made using machines and the science behind them. We also got to play in the Science garden, where we used a pulley system to haul ourselves up a rope, we got in a big hamster wheel and used the energy from our movements to make it work. There was also a water feature where we could make balls float on fountains of water.

It was such a fantastic day. We learnt so much and we are all really excited to learn more about Forces.