Important Dates

  • 24th January – Class Assembly – VI Warwick
  • 22nd – 23rd January – Year V Reading Workshops for parents
  • 24th January – Year VI Sats Workshop for Parents
  • 25th January – Parents Evening
  • 26th January – Year V Reading Workshops for Parents
  • 29th January – Class Assembly – IV Cambridge
  • 31st January – Class Assembly – VI Oxford

New Building Update


Things are really beginning to come together now for the formal opening of our new building block.  During the Easter holidays further work will be undertaken to remove the partitions that currently seal off the building from the rest of the academy.  We are also planning to put in all the cabling that is required to run our computers and telephones.  The final thing that we are waiting for before we can fully move into the building is the furniture to be delivered.  This is currently on order but unfortunately could take up to six weeks before it arrives.  It will be worth the wait though, as it is really nice quality and will allow the rooms to be configured in a number of different ways, to maximise opportunities for learning.  We are hoping to call our new building the Agrawal Building, after Roma Agrawal who is an inspiring structural engineer who worked on the building of The Shard in London.  Roma is an excellent role model for our children as she worked hard to go to university and take up a challenging but rewarding career in a business sector where we want to encourage more women, as well as men, to get involved.