Nick Arnold Visit

Nick Arnold visited Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy on Thursday 3rd November, during National Children’s Book Week. He is known for the most amazing books such as: Blood, Bones and Body Bits, Chemicals Chaos, Bulging Brains and many more… Whilst visiting Ark Chamberlain, he performed very funny experiments and the children got to ask lots of questions. The children that asked the best question got an exclusive Nick Arnold badge. Amilah from (V Cambridge) told the Chronicle ‘I couldn’t believe I won a Nick Arnold badge! I feel so lucky.’

In the assembly, Nick Arnold was hilarious! He spilt a bottle of water on Samira’s head (V Oxford) and spilt a bucket of water on Abdullahi’s head (VI Leeds), don’t worry it wasn’t the whole bucket! He also played ‘What’s in the Nasty Bag?’ with Mrs Sadler, who teaches V Leeds, she had to put her hand inside the bag and found a creepy cockroach! Luckily it was not real and it is the kind that lives in joke shops. The second round Mrs Sadler was saved by Henna (VI Warwick) when she guessed a scorpion was in the bag. Luckily, it was very small in a container and was not moving! She was very brave to take it out. Nick Arnold showed us ‘How to make balloons sing’ (Mayeda V Leeds) had an unforgettable 10th birthday with the song Happy Birthday, all the children in the assembly joined in.

After the assembly, Nick Arnold met some Chamberlain pupils and signed their ‘Horrible Science’ books. It really was a fantastic day.

Thank you Miss Green!!