Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-bullying week has been a great success! We had assemblies to show the importance of not being unkind and hurtful to others. Children were taught about the importance of telling someone if bullying happens to them or what they can do if they see someone else being hurt. We also had lots and lots of activities –art/ circle time workshops, baking cakes to raise money for Children in Need that coincided with Anti-bullying week.  We even had children bringing cakes they baked at home and working on anti-bullying PowerPoint and displays !

Children who showed real support this week were chosen to go on the go karts on Friday. To round off the week we had Kash the Flash four times kick boxing champion to talk in the assembly about anti bullying, importance of respecting everyone, listening and trying your best at school as well as the importance of fitness!

We have worry boxes in all the classes for children to write down their concerns,  trained Peer Mediators to deal with small disagreements in the playground and Mr Jamal and Mrs Hayre who are available to talk through any concerns or worries from the playground/classroom or at home. 

A big thank you to everyone who supported us on Friday as this has enabled us to raise money for Children in Need!