A Midsummer Night's Dream

On Wednesday 5th April, Year five showcased their amazing work and performance to their families. The performance was based on William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ but the twist was that it in the style of Punk Rock! The original play is based around two couples: one couple who were fighting to stay together, the other couple trying to stay away from one another. Within the original play are a group of performers whom get caught up in all the mischief created by the woodland fairies and their side kick ‘Puck’. Ark Chamberlain’s version included Punk Rock music, hilarious dancing, fabulous singing and even a break dance!

Amina from V Cambridge narrated the story and even performed her own musical solo, it was an unbelievable performance from her! We had the hilarious woodland performers Khalid (V Cambridge), Elias (V Oxford), Usmaan (V Cambridge), Monjural (V Cambridge) and Hibbah (V Cambridge). This group kept the whole audience laughing throughout (They were especially popular with the year five and six children!)

To give us a bit of drama were the couples performed by Amilah (V Cambridge), Magdi (V Cambridge), Adam (V Leeds) and Sairah (V Cambridge). We also had a magical performance from the woodland fairy King and Queen, Hamaad (V Cambridge) and Saniya (V York), along with their side kick played by Zayd (V Cambridge). The audience were truly blown away, Mohicans and all! Well done to all of you!

All this was directed and managed by the fantastic Mrs Ayling; not forgetting Mrs Schofield, Ms Richardson and Ms Wadelin who helped put this brilliant show together! Miss Williams helped keep the music flowing smoothly.