Hear from our teachers

Mr Mitting is Head of Year 6 and he is the lead on Maths. He completed his NQT year at Ark Chamberlain in 2015, after which he stayed on because he liked the school. 

“There’s a focus on high standards of achievement and behaviour. This really sharpens the kids up and quickens the pace.

Each teacher has to know their pupils, and so they do their own lesson planning. Every lesson is tailored for the children. 

Miss L. Green is an Acting Assistant Head at Ark Chamberlain. Since she has joined Ark she has progressed from being a class teacher to Head of Year, and on to an Acting Assistant Head. 

“I would recommend working at Ark Chamberlain to anyone. As a leading academy in Birmingham we provide excellent CPD and a very supportive team. I moved to Chamberlain a year and a half ago and have not looked back since. Our children are at the forefront of everything we do and in return they are happy, motivated and have a love for learning...... TEAM CHAMBERLAIN."

Because Chamberlain is part of the wider Ark network, teachers can meet with their counterparts from other Ark schools to share best practice.

As well as opportunities for CPD, all teachers at Ark Chamberlain receive a morning a week for planning, preparation and assessment.  

Mr Campbell-Cave is a year 4 teacher. He is completing his NQT at Ark Chamberlain.

"As soon as I arrived at Ark Chamberlain for the first time, I got a sense of just what an excellent school this is. The facilities in the Agrawal Building are fresh and modern; this is a reflection of the academy in general and everyone employed here. From the outset, I have been made to feel welcome and been highly respected by every member of staff.

I have been at the academy for one year and, as an NQT, I really could not ask for more. I receive personal feedback on my performance every week, alongside the twice-weekly CPD undertaken by all teaching and support staff. The combination of these development opportunities have been conducive to my own progress as a teacher. I feel so much more competent and able to deliver not only the quality of education that is expected by Ark, but also that to which every pupil has a right.

I look forward to coming into work every day; I get the impression that this opinion is shared by all staff and students alike. This contributes significantly to the atmosphere at Ark, which is one of positivity and a desire to continue the journey toward making Ark Chamberlain the best school in Birmingham."



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