Hear from our teachers

Mr Mitting is a Year 6 teacher and he is the Head of Maths. He completed his NQT year at Ark Chamberlain in 2015, after which he stayed on because he liked the school. 

Ark Chamberlain is a fast improving primary school, with incredible facilities. It has a state-of-the-art science lab, a recording studio and a large library. Formerly Oldknow Academy, the school joined the Ark network in September 2015. 

“There’s a focus on high standards of achievement and behaviour. This really sharpens the kids up and quickens the pace. It gives you more opportunities to get through things.”

Each teacher has to know their pupils, and so they do their own lesson planning. Every lesson is tailored for the children. 

All staff at Ark Chamberlain receive tailored training and support. There are significant opportunities for career progression. CPD isn’t just offered, it is encouraged. Teachers who show potential are rewarded with teaching and learning responsibilities.

Ms Francome is an Assistant Vice Principal at Ark Chamberlain. She joined the school in 2012 and in just four years she has progressed from a class teacher to Head of Year, Head of Reading, and on to AVP. 

“Our Head of School is really passionate about staff development. At this academy, anyone who shows promise and capability is rewarded quite quickly. I know the Heads of Year really appreciate the support they’ve had. A few of the Assistant Principals are doing the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL). That’s great training and I’m doing it now too.”

Because Chamberlain is part of the wider Ark network, teachers can meet with their counterparts from other Ark schools to share best practice.

“It’s great to discuss my subject area with other teachers who are doing exactly the same. Having the support of the Ark network is fantastic. It gives you that security – you don’t feel like you’re on your own desperately trying to keep things running. The new Head of School is fantastic and she has made the transition far smoother than it could have been.”

As well as opportunities for CPD, all teachers at Ark Chamberlain receive an afternoon a week for planning, preparation and assessment.  

“Every teacher in each year group gets their PPA at the same time, when the children are doing specialist PE. It means we can plan together, have a year group meeting, or a more general discussion about assemblies and trips that are coming up.” Teamwork is important at Ark Chamberlain, and there is an emphasis on the community aspect of the school. Staff briefings are held twice a week. 


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