Vision and values

Our vision

Ark Chamberlain is a leading academy in Birmingham.  It supports and nurtures all pupils to achieve their true potential and prepares them exceptionally well for the next stage of their education.

Our values

At Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy, we have three core values which are informed by our vision. These are:

We respect – ourselves and each other. We show this by being polite and tolerant at all times. We understand that that we are all different and yet we are all equal. We challenge others who do not show respect.

We believe – that we can all achieve great outcomes if we put in the effort required. We believe in aiming for the very best and showing grit and determination when necessary. We believe in a bright future and high aspirations for ourselves and others, no matter what the starting point. We believe in helping others who are not as fortunate as us so that we can all be good global citizens.

We achieve – we work hard in the academy to ensure that all pupils become proficient in reading, writing and maths as a minimum. We expect that our pupils will have a strong base from which to do well in secondary education to enable them to achieve a university degree.

For our pupils, we simplify this into a few simple, but meaningful words: “We respect, believe, achieve.”

We are a values-driven school which means that everything that we do and how we behave in the academy is linked to our vision and values.