Additional Support

Senior Learning Mentor: Mrs Hayre

Learning Mentor: Mr Jamal

 Greek meaning for ‘Advisor of the Young’

Learning mentors provide a complementary service to teachers and other staff, addressing the needs of learners who require help in overcoming barriers to learning in order to achieve their full potential.

Our role is to advise, support, guide and counsel children, by helping to remove barriers to learning.

Definition of barriers to learning

* Child feeling anxious/worried.

* Child who has low esteem.

* Child who has behaviour concerns.

* Supporting children who are going through family crisis. 

* Parents separating. 

* Death in the family.

Our role involves working with children on a one to one basis or group work, after a referral has been made by the class teacher.

Mentoring programme 

* 6 week intervention programme- 1 to 2 sessions a week, 20 minutes long. One to one or group work.

* Review after 6 weeks, discussion with the class teacher. Parent meeting if support is still needed.

* Working with outside agencies, signposting parents to appropriate professionals if there is a need.  

Types of mentoring 

* Anger management/conflict resolution. 

* Boosting self esteem.

* Social skills sessions.

* Techniques to deal with anxiety.

* Counselling.

* Supporting children with changes to their circumstances (death, separation,etc).

* Building friendship.

* Supporting emotions.    



Gifted and Talented

Children will be designated as gifted if they achieve a score of 117 or above on any aspect of CAT4 testing and/or if they are achieving one year or more above their age expectations on Lexia/Maths Whizz.  A talent register will be of any pupils that excel in a non-academic area and may require additional support whilst in the academy to continue with their discipline.


Miss Dempsey is the SENDco. SENDco stands for special, educational, needs and disabilities co-ordinator.

She co-ordinates additional support for children in partnership with parents, the class teachers and support staff, providing advice, training and resources to class teachers and coordinating any specialist interventions that need to happen in school. If needed, she can arrange specialist assessment via referral to other professionals such as an educational psychologist, a speech and language therapist, the pupil and school support service, the communication and autism team and the child development centre.

If you have concerns regarding the learning or development of a child, please arrange a time to meet or speak with Miss Dempsey. 


If your child has poor attendance Parent Support Advisors will assess and design a support package for your child using a range of interventions.