Pupils who feel bullied are encouraged to speak to one of our anti-bullying pupil ambassadors or any member of staff.  Pupils are taught to ‘stop, talk and walk’ and not to retaliate if they feel bullied  which is the advice of 'McGruff the Crime Dog'.  They are reminded about this with a poster that is displayed in each classroom.  All reports of bullying are recorded, dealt with and then monitored to ensure that they do not recur.  We also explain to pupils who have used specific inappropriate language/actions (for example the word 'gay' in an offensive manner) that use of these types of words and actions are not acceptable and introduce them to the concept of different types of bullying.   In most instances ‘bullying’ is  a fall-out between friends and the situation is quickly rectified, in fact the term 'bullying' only truly refers to behaviour that is repeated over time rather than a 'one-off' incident.  McGruff the Crime Dog has a very useful website with lots of additional advice and resources about bullying.  There is also an excellent video on the site which is shown at least once a year to pupils in assembly.  You might also find the information on this link helpful.

McGruff the Crime Dog

What is Bullying and What is normal Childhood Conflict?