Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy’s library is a brilliant place! Pupils love to visit the library. They enjoy reading books and using the I.C.T. facilities such as the kindles and the laptops.  Pupils also enjoy the book clubs and book fairs. Every term we hold a book fair for the pupils. Pupils are able to purchase books, stationery or posters during their library session. Every book that is sold will allow the library to obtain some more books. The library is a pleasant and very popular area. It is very busy throughout the year.

The purpose of the library is to:

  •     find information to help you with your class work.
  •     add to your knowledge on a variety of subjects.
  •     use modern technology and traditional methods to confirm facts.
  •     enjoy reading for pleasure.

All of the pupils in the academy are members of the library. Every student will be registered by the librarian as soon as they become a member of Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy. Every class will have a 30 minute slot on a weekly basis to enjoy the library and to exchange their library books.

In the library you will find a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. We also have 25 computers that have internet and printing facilities. There are two interactive whiteboards and a plasma screen. The library also has a variety of DVDs.

Book Loans

  • Year Three – Pupils may only borrow one book for a week.
  • Year Four – Six  - Pupils may borrow up to two books at a time for one week.

Books should always be returned during a pupil's weekly library session. Please note that if a book is lost or damaged there will be a charge made to replace it. A letter will be passed on to a child's class teacher and sent home to their parents. No further books will be issued  until a child's library record is cleared.

Dewey Decimal System

The non-fiction books are sorted into different areas by using the Dewey Decimal System. The various sections are as follows:

  • 000: Reference
  • 100: Philosophy
  • 200: Religion
  • 300: Social Sciences
  • 400: Languages
  • 500: Science
  • 600: Technology
  • 700: Art & Recreation
  • 800: Literature
  • 900: Geography and History

In the library there are a variety of books about traditional tales. We also have books that cover sections such as dual language, poetry and drama. Home readers are kept in the library. Every time children change their library book, they change their home reader too. These books (home readers and library books) can be used when parents are listening to their children read and when they are filling out their children’s reading logs.

The library also has a careers section. This allows pupils to learn about different jobs. The P.S.H.E. section contains books that cover areas that are of a personal, social, healthy and economic nature.

Please click the link below to have a look at our library blog.

Ark Chamberlain Library Blog

The library is a place where lots of dreams can come true. It is a place where many children gain pleasure from developing their literacy skills. Keep an eye on this webpage to see the many exciting developments that are being planned for the library at Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy.