Year 4 Cadbury World Visit

On Tuesday 23rd May, Year 4 visited Cadbury World, as part of our Literacy Unit. As part of our day, we watched chocolate being made, went to a 4D cinema, had a special informative talk, played on the outdoor play equipment and we even got to taste the delicious Cadbury’s chocolate. We also got to take home lots of free chocolate!

During out day we witnessed a random act of kindness. In the afternoon, all of the children were in the play area, having fun and making lots of noise.  A few minutes later, a gentleman approached Miss Green and Mrs K Hussain to tell them how impressed he was with our children’s behaviour, ‘They are absolutely first class’ he exclaimed. The gentleman made particular reference to Siraj Ahmad from IV Leeds, for bravely escorting his grandchildren out of the play area whilst the older children were in there. This kind gentleman then proceeded to give the teachers £40 as a way of his appreciation. This was such a heartfelt gesture and completely confirmed our judgements, that the children are Ark Chamberlain really are ‘first class’. The Year 4 teachers were so proud of all the children during the trip and would like to reward them with a special treat in a couple of weeks’ time.